In June 2014, french graphic designer, Samuel BENAINOUS was browsing online to find cool shirts with retro-gaming vibes. Sadly, most of the shirts he could find were cheap, ugly, and of bad quality. Not the kind of shirts to make cool outfits with!

And so he decided to create his own. After all, life is just like a game, all we have to do is to play. The dream was seeded.

And so the journey started. Designing some cool Pixel Art, printing some cool t-shirts and organizing the first photoshoot party with his friends in Paris. The name BRICKTOWN was chosen as a uniting symbol: each of us is 1 small pixel brick and all together we form BRICKTOWN – The city of bricks! 

Really soon, a lookbook was sent to Colette Paris – @colette The most famous fashion store in the world at the time, leading the trend – and boom! Here we were, selling our first shirts at the most famous fashion store in the world. The dream had started!

This opened up the gate to many other famous fashion stores such as Selfridges UK, Bloomingdales USA, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Maison Simon Canada, LaRinascente Italy… in 2 years we were selling worldwide in more than 100 high-end stores!

Soon after that Bricktown was worn by celebrities such as famous Italian singer @fedez, Taiwanese actress @alyssachia, American musician @marcrebillet, and American rapper @lilskies, American Actor @jayrellis (among many more).

In 2017 we teamed up with Nintendo to release our first collab: a Super Mario x BRICKTOWN capsule collection selling exclusively at Bloomingdales USA. This was a big milestone coming to reality! Being able to give tribute to such an icon of the game culture in our collection was a real honor.

More recently we released more capsule collections in collaboration with other iconic brands such as Crash Bandicoot, Sonic The Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles…

"i am a citizen of the world"

Since most of our customers are in many different countries: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, China, Japan… We have centralized all our logistics & supply chain in Portugal next to our factory. Our team is located in France so it makes it easy to go there to see our partners.

We decide to ship all the orders with express carriers such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS to make sure all orders arrive fast & in time with 1st class delivery service. No slow postal shipment for sure!

"I see what I dream"

The biggest high has been uniting dreamers like us from all around the world together. Every day incredible pics of people rockin’ BRICKTOWN shirts surface on social media. These pictures remind us that life is really like a game and we are all playing it!