BRICKTOWN PARIS, founded by French artist Samuel BENAINOUS in 2014, is a lifestyle clothing brand that specializes in 8-bit Pixel Art themed collections. Originally sold at the prestigious colette Paris in 2015, the brand has since expanded to over 100 high-end retailers around the world. Worn by celebrities and tastemakers, BRICKTOWN PARIS has also collaborated with iconic brands such as Nintendo®, SEGA® and others to release exclusive capsule collections.

While its headquarter is in Paris, the brand's factories, logistics and supply chain are centralized in Portugal, ensuring high quality productions but also fast and efficient delivery of orders worldwide. The brand's mission is to connect people from all over the world through a shared appreciation of art, fashion and technologie, while reminding them that life is a game to be enjoyed.

Owning a BRICKTOWN piece is not only an investment in a durable high quality garment, but also a way to celebrate individuality and creativity.

Artist Samuel BENAINOUS checking his first collection at colette Paris in 2015.