Founded in 2014, Bricktown is a French clothing label based in Paris.

Collections draw their inspiration from our founders childhood : 1990’s - 2000’s. An era of cable television, games consoles and the arrival of the World Wide Web. 

Technology changed the world. It changed the people too. Pop-culture is now deeply influenced by digital culture.

« Our mission is to bring back the style, personality and attitude from our distant teenage years with a touch of humor and modernity. We want our community to feel they still have this inner child full of potential deep within them. We create unique garment with powerful soul inspired by digital culture. »
Sam, designer & co-founder

« We believe fashion is at a turning point for the planet. Attitudes are changing, people will no longer accept to damage the planet for their outfit. Bricktown is deeply involved in this transition, using only organic cotton and production in Portugal. We are constantly improving our quality, durability, environmental and social impact. We bring images from the past and ideas from the future. »
Louis, head of production & co-founder