Interview with Samuel David BENAINOUS

What is "The Art Project"?
Bricktown itself started as an Art project. I have developed the entire brand on a vision: one of a pixelated world. I picture everything under the light of the digital pixel and my goal is to create a something like a big library of digital artwork representing the world culture, where everyone can find its own. From a juicy burger, or  a shiny spaceship, to iconic video game characters anyone can find something that represents their own tastes, and in which they can recognize themselves. The end result is the pixelation of the entire world, where passions and tastes gather in their core originality.

Why Pixel Art?
The choice to make pixels the core element at the basis of the brand blooms directly out of my childhood: video games, the arrival of the internet and the digital world, in general, are the supporting columns of the 90s. As soon as they came out, pixels quickly became the foundation for the creaction of digital art. Just think a little bit about it – those days, every image you see on a screen is made with millions of pixels… And you no longer see them, but they are all here in front of you.

In this branch of Art everything comes down to pixels: they are, and always will be, the colorful foundations of the Digital World and the Virtual Reality itself.
By using pixels for my Art, I captured the true essence of Digital Art History.

Why did you decide to go for clothing as the means to achieve your vision?
I always found fashion fascinating. When we wear an item of clothing, we are basically choosing the person we want the others to perceive. If you wear a casual outfit, then people will see you as a carefree, relaxed individual, while if you wear a suit, you’ll be seen as elegant and professional. Clothes are the projection of our character and our true selves: it’s one of the most important non-verbal way of communicating who we are without having to open our mouths.

When it comes to Art, most artists make use of means that are exterior to oneself, like paper and paint or the dowels of a mosaic. Clothing, instead, is something you wear directly on yourself, and that defines you.

When you wear something that represents one of your interests, you are basically wearing an asset of your character for the others to see. It’s a simple yet effective way of expression: you can basically wear something that mirrors your personality or your mood. Feeling like you want to show your love for junk food? Then wear a pixelated burger t-shirt! More healthy than junky? Then wear a pixelated avocado t-shirt! Your friends say you are a funny, always smiling person? There’s a Smiley t-shirt.

Why using embroidery?
Embroidery has always been considered the most prestigious form of embellishment in fashion since the dawn of time. It gives off an aura of sophistication, while also making my Art eye-catching. Every piece of design that I embroider comes to life and stands out, communicating to every passerby that the t-shirt itself has a soul, and a profound value intrinsic to it.

A last few words?
Look for the pixels in the street of your city! The world is being digitalized!