Len Stuart is a game, graphic and web designer from Southern, New Jersey, USA. Interested in art and design at a young age, Len had taken classes in sketching and painting to learn finer art practices.

This early experience in design propelled him into going to a vocational high school, majoring in advertising art and design. Every day Len would diligently teach himself digital graphic design to turn in projects from the textbook on a weekly basis so he wouldn’t be thrown out of school.

After high school, Len went to The University Of The Arts – a liberal arts college in Philadelphia, PA. There he learned web design and flash animation, while practicing the creation of professional game graphics. This experience working with actual games sharpened his skill as a game designer and pixel artist.

Since this time, Len decided just to make masterpieces in pixel art on his own accumulating many original works over the following years.

Then one day he reconnected with an old friend and they decided to make video games together. Len working on graphic and UI design and his friend on the audio composition end.

Today, Len works freelance as a web designer and artist on many different projects.

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