Our Story

Bricktown World is a french gluttonous label from paris.


From the 80’s, to put a “Back to the Future” style back into fashion ... From your 90’s idols of the television era who grew up with video-clips... Bricktown World, young streetwear label, draws its energy and its resonance from “regressive pleasures”.

If we cannot go back in time, let’s play with a Rubik’s Cube instead: this key item which embodies a whole era. In the 80's style, it brings us back to more in-formal lives. Ten years later it teleports us to a more electronic mood... Tick Tock... The fashion trends always circle back like a boomerang. With Bricktown World, the organic cotton is soft like a cuddly toy. The colors are even more pop in a square: x2, x cube, exponentially flexible... The pixel draws his first mix and match collections...

Remember, though, Bricktown World isn’t made only for Math fans or so-chic geeks... Bricktown World embraces all modern young people, friendly and trendy. For in a world where we stay young even as grown-ups, the pixel legacy has become trans-generational... Now, it's the time to join Bricktown World.


We take great pride in the quality of our products. The fashion items are highlighted by our stylish cuts. The lines of our shirts shift, to stay in tune with the seasons. The details are what make our clothes premium quality.

Our cotton is organic and comes from fair-trade farms. The farmers are part of a network where human is at the center of a careful process. The cotton is cultivated without genetically modified seeds, without pesticides or polluting and harmful fertilizers, for a better use of the water.

We practice crop rotation in our fields: one season for cotton, another for growing fruit and vegetables. This rotation between food production and cotton culture allows a better living and working environment for the people who work there. The farmers are able to receive diversified incomes while securing a better food supply and balanced diet for the local community. The organic production preserves the land, while ordinary industrial crops destroy it.

Our seams and edgings are given particular attention. The finishes are sewn to perfection. The raw materials are of the best and lasting quality. From the selection of the fibers, the weaving, the distribution and the packaging to the moment they are delivered in your hands, the clothes we create are made for your enjoyment.